Wellcome to Health Information Management Research Center ( HIMRC )

6:09:25 AM 1398 / 12 / 02

Health Information Management Research Center of Kashan University of Medical Sciences was agreed to develop research, provide healthcare solutions and to meet the following goals:


1-      Development and utilization of human knowledge in the field of health information management

2-      Conducting fundamental, epidemiological and clinical research in order to improve the healthcare system in the field of health information management in order to meet the needs of the Islamic society.

3-      Collecting, adjusting and classifying of documents, articles and documents related to the field of health information management and their publication

4-      Educating researchers in the field of health information management

5-      Persuading, encouraging and employing researchers to implement applied research in the field of health information management

6-      Efforts to draw attention and collaborate relevant research centers on health information management

7-      Scientific cooperation with the research and educational centers of other countries and international organizations in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Center components include:

  • High Council
  • Research Center Head

The High Council duties are as follows:

1-      Approve the Center's research policy

2-      Approval of research projects with other universities and research institutes inside and outside the country

3-      Review and approve the Annual Activity Report of the Center

4-      Review and approve the annual budget of the Center, observing legal requirements

5-      Approve the Instructions of High Council and Research Center

Tasks of the Research Center Head:

The head of the center is the highest executive officer and acts in accordance with the rules of law and the resolutions of the High Council for the performance of duties.

Center members include:

  • Permanent members:

Faculty members and full-time center Secretaries

  • Non-Permanent Members:

Faculty members are other departments of the University of Medical Sciences or other universities and institutes of higher education.

Financial resources:

  • Revenues received from the Center according to legal requirements
  • Aid and gifts of real and legal persons
  • Government credits