Wellcome to Health Information Management Research Center ( HIMRC )

5:30:02 AM 1398 / 12 / 02


The Health Information Management Research Center, as a leading center, considers its most important mission to carry out community-based knowledge-based and applied research in healthcare for the promotion of community health and the production of science. The center is committed to providing new research and quality information, support for fundamental initiatives in promoting a variety of health systems. This center, utilizing the most efficient and committed manpower for the management of information systems, is committed to producing new research and quality information, supporting initiatives and initiatives for the promotion of a variety of health systems, in such a way as to guide policy and decision making.


We are striving to get the highest ranking by using the scientific and active people, expanding the cooperation of the centers inside and outside the country, implementing national and international projects to promote health information management and technology and expand interdisciplinary and collaborative research, compared with other information management research centers.


1.       Improving the quality of health information

2.      Support for new ideas

3.       Attention to the basic health needs of the community in the field of information management

4.       Honoring the high status of researcher and research

5.       Adhere to the research ethics

6.       Protecting the confidentiality of information


ST1: To conduct joint projects between the center and similar research centers and to collaborate with the information technology development centers of the country to establish more communication and interactions.

SO1: Applying the maximum capacity of faculty members and graduate students to carry out applied research and special mission on the development of health information technology.

SO2: Applying the maximum capacity for cooperation and knowledge exchange with the universities and colleges of the adjoining center and developing joint projects with clinical groups.

WO3: Perform more applied research and deliver results and products in the technological markets

SO3: Recruiting research human forces utilizing the maximum capacity of special facilities of the center and group