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1- Auditing Knowledge toward Leveraging Organizational IQ in Healthcare Organizations

2- A review on laboratory tests’ utilization: A trigger for cutting costs and quality improvement in health care settings

3- Compare the user interface of digital libraries' websites between the developing and developed countries in content analysis method

4- Nursing Information Systems Requirements: A Milestone for Patient Outcome and Patient Safety Improvement

5- The Effect of Information Technology on Healthcare Improvement from Clinicians Perspective

6- From Information management to Information Visualization:Development of Radiology Dashboards

7- Best,  Useful and  Objective Precisions for Information  Retrieval of Three Search Methods in PubMed and iPubMed

8- Identification of Factors Affecting Ischemic Heart Disease Using Data Mining Algorithms

9- Status of ocular trauma in hospitalized patients in Kashan ,2011:As a sample of industrial city

10- Technological Feasibility of a Nursing Information System

11- Older people home care through electronic health records :functions,data elements and security needs

12- A Study on Patient Complaint Management in Hospitals Affiliated to Kashan University of Medical Sciences and Approaches for Improvement

13- Information Technology-Based Interventions to Improve Drug-Drug Interaction Outcomes: A Systematic Review on Features and Effects

14- Review on Dashboard: A Tool for Value Innovation from Intellectual Capitals in Hospital

15- Intention of Continuing to use the Hospital Information System: Integrating the elaboration-likelihood, social influence and cognitive learning

16- The Determinants of Continued Use of Hospital Information Systems Based on the Combination of Elaboration Likelihood, Social Influence Theory and Cognitive Response Model

17- CT Utilization: A Case Study in Iran based on ACR Appropriateness Criteria

18- Functional Requirements of Pharmacy Information Systems in Hospitals

19- Evaluation models and criteria of the quality of hospital websites: a systematic review study