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1- Development of key performance indicators for academic radiology departments

2- A survey of attitudes, practices, and knowledge regarding drug–drug interactions among medical residents in Iran

3- in Press:Task-specific usability requirements of electronic medical records systems: Lessons learned from a national survey of end-users

4- Future of Health Information Technology Positions and Professional Qualifications of Employees

5- A Systematic Review of the Content of Medical Tourism Websites and Their Evaluative Criteria.

6- Effects of Computerized Decision Support Systems on management of Atrial Fibrillation: A Scoping Review

7- Patien;s Electronic Environment Information Rights

8- Features and Effects of Information Technology-Based Interventions to Improve Self-Management in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients: a Systematic Review of the Literature

9- Assessing the Appropriate Utilization of CT Scan in Triage Units

10- Effect of reinforced audit and feedback intervention on physician behaviour: a multifaceted strategy for targeting medical record documentation

11- Information management flow for tele-homecare for the elderly; An emerging need for continuty of care

12- Clinical Data Warehouse An Effective Tool to Create Intelligence in Disease Management

13- Evaluating Inappropriate Patient Stay and Its Reasons based on the Appropriateness Evaluation Protocol

14- Patient self-management of asthma using mobile health applications: a systematic review of the functionalities and effects

15- Going beyond audit and feedback: towards behaviour-based interventions to change physician laboratory test ordering behaviour

16- Enhancing Patient Safety Using Medical Imaging Informatics

17- Evaluation of effective Dashboards: Key Concepts and Criteria

18- A reform at drug consumption management in healthcare

19- The Relationship between Web of Science and ResearchGATE Indicators of Iranian Researchers’ Top Papers

20- Evaluation of the Effects of Radio-Frequency Identification Technology on Patient Tracking in Hospitals: A Systematic Review.

21- Evaluation of key capabilities for hospital information system: A milestone for meaningful use of information technology.

22-The Relationship between Web of Science and ResearchGATE Indicators of Iranian Researchers’ Top Papers.

23-  Applying Agent-Based Technologies in Complex Healthcare Environment.

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