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1.   Registry Data Coordinator (RDC): a Proper Accessible Strategy for Improving Road Traffic Injury (RTI) Hospital Based Trauma Registry Systems in Developing Countries and Low Income Countries.

2.   Fuzzy decision support systems to diagnose musculoskeletal disorders:A systematic literature review.

3.   Usability Evaluation of Three Admission and Medical Records Subsystems Integrated into Nationwide Hospital Information Systems: Heuristic Evaluation.

4.   Proposing Electronic Health Record Usability Requirements Based on Enriched ISO 9241 Metric Usability Model.

5.   Task-specific usability requirements of electronic medical records systems: Lessons learned from a national survey of end-users.

6.   Semantic Web: A Context for Medical Knowledge Discovering and Sharing, Iranian Journal Of Medical Informatics.

7.   Phone-Based Interventions to Control Obesity in Children Under SixYears of Age: A Systematic Review on Features and Effects.

8.   Knowledge Acquisition for Diagnosis of Skin Diseases as an Initial Platform for an Expert System.

9.   Errors and causes of communication failures from hospital information systems to electronic health record: a record-review study.

10.  Using Data Mining for Survival Prediction in Patients with Colon Cancer.

11.  The use and willingness of asthma patients toward mobile phone functionalities in support of self-management.

12.  Phone-based interventions to control gestational weight gain: a systematic review on features and effects.

13.  Designing and evaluating functional laboratory information system requirements integrated to hospital information systems.

14.  Presenting a Model to Evaluate Factors Affecting Outsourcing of Health Information Technology Services.

15.  Comparative Study of Data Elements and Data Analysis Methods in Myocardial Infarction Registry in Selected Countries and Iran.

16. Towards a Comprehensive Quality Evaluation Model for Hospital Websites.

17.  The lifestyle of people in relation to the prevention of cancer in Yazd in 2014.

18.  A review of neuroblastoma: prevalence, diagnosis, related genetic factors, and treatment.

19.  Quality of patient information in emergency department


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